Ether - Waterlilies (For My Valentine)

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100% pure

On this day of love, I give you a gift of romance. A romance, as Monet found under the Japanese bridge, in all things. A love in slow spots of saturated color which decorate my world and all that you place in it. 

I give you his fields of Poppy red, for Poppies are for people in love.              
And give you his Roses wild, to tell you that you are mine.                                    
I give you his Iris blue, for how much I love you.                                                
And give you his Water Lilies, as they flower for my valentine. 

No. 001 AMOUR

70% Peruvian Dark Chocolate, Darjeeling Black Tea & Rose Lokum

No. 002 AMOUR 

Intense Berry, Damascus Rose & Salted Pistachio 

No. 003 AMOUR 

70% Peruvian Dark Chocolate, Caramelized Cocoa Nibs & Lavender